Prison Rips Off The Tax Payers - By Emma Jane

Son released from prison a druggie

The email sent to us by Emma Jane is related to the above link. ( please read )

Hi PFV. I felt very sad reading the post about the man who was released from prison addicted to drugs. This is just my opinion, but those who fail to pay court fines, should be given an alternative to prison. I think other offences too should be looked at as to whether their wrong doing really warrants a custodial sentence. I am not saying for one minute they should be let off lightly, and they should most certainly pay their dues, but come on, what really does a custodial sentence do? My ex was jailed a few years ago for benefit fraud. He never got rehabiliated because he didn't need to be rehabilitated. He committed an offence through greed and nothing more. That did not make him a threat to the general public. A strong community sentence would have benefited him and the community, plus the tax payer, a lot more than him sitting in a cell pi*sing about on console games and smoking weed - which he did. He didn't do any courses because he wasn't in long so prison for him and the tax payers funding his sentence was a complete waste of bloody time! One thing I would like to add is, my ex did tell me that some prisoners took drugs for the first time whilst in prison. Some he said were just decent lads who had made mistakes. That maybe true, but the Prison Service along with the Government are then releasing these once decent lads back on to our streets and our communities as full blown drug addicts. Why?