Prisoners Families Always Targeted - By Michelle

Hi PFV. Hope you are all well? I am just writing in to tell you that I did a bit of observation when I went on my visit on Thursday. I looked at everyone I was stood in the queue with and I looked at the prison officers faces. Every damn one of them scowled and it was like every family member was put under scrutiny as a drug smuggler. Kids were being searched and babies nappies were looked at. I tell you what makes me laugh though, whilst the screws are all stood there scowling at prison visitors, the next minute, they are having a laugh and joke with our loved ones on the prison wings. Another laughable thing are the prison programmes were they always without fail show families being searched and make a point of showing what gets in to the hands of prisoners etc. What they should do if these TV companies are intent on showing the general public what goes on, is show that the bloody screws get searched as well because we all know for a fact that 'smuggling' goes on in their woods too! Programmes as such do not give an honest account of the prison world and they never have! Only the families of prisoners of targeted and will continue to be targeted until a TV production company has the balls to screen what really DOES go on!