Prisoners Families Can End Up As Victims Too

My son's Dad is in prison for burglary. He burgled a house nearby where we live. The housing association are having to move me and my son because we have eggs and flour thrown at our window on a regular basis. That then makes me and my son victims of crime, but when I called the Police on several occasions, they were useless. Because my partner is in prison, they look at me as though I am cut from the same cloth as my partner, and that is not right at all.
My partner's crime as made me and son targets. Targets for something we haven't done and targets because my partner committed a stupid crime. He is in prison were he belongs but whilst he is in prison, it is me and my son who are taking the flack from the community. I wish the general public would wake up and realise that prisoners families and children are innocent people too. My son has regular nightmares and to get him to school is a nightmare because he kicks and screams every morning. Prisoners families are often seen as, gulity by association. Not only by the public but the Police too. I agree that there is not enough services for families in similar situations to mine. People say that the real victims of crime are the victims of crime, but sometimes, prisoners families end up being victims of crime too whilst their loved ones are safe and locked up in prison.

By Anonymous Partner Of A Prisoner