Prisoners Families Thrust In To Debt - By D

Hi Prisoners Families Voices. I hope everyone is well. I would like to submit my story by saying that crime does not just affect the victims, but it affects other innocent families, especially children who are thrown in to this situation through absolutely no fault of their own.
My husband is in prison and will be released in 2013. I have two children, young in age, who haven't a clue why their Dad is in prison. They are innocent human beings who are telling all their school friends that their Dad is locked up in prison. They tell the shop keepers and checkout girls at the supermarket and it destroys me. They aren't bragging about it, far from it, because as their Mum, I have told them that their daddy has broken the law and has to go away for a while. I have had to sell our house because since my husband has been in prison, I have not been able financially to afford the mortgage on my own. We are now on the council housing list.
My eldest, my daughter, cries all the way home after a prison visit. My son is younger and he doesn't really understand why his dad has gone to prison. I too am disgusted that when I asked for help from the social services department for a bit of support, they told me that they couldn't provide any because my children were well looked after. So where do families with children turn too? Prisoners children do not belong in any category. But they should! I usually get the same old opinions from those who do not understand which is - well their Dad shouldn't have committed a crime! I for one know that, I don't need telling the obvious, but innocent children need support and lots of parents aren't receiving any.