Prison's Intimidate Children - By Debra

Hi. I found your site through a link website. I would like to comment if I may about how HM Prison Service treat children of prisoners. I read a post on your blog by someone who said that The Prison Service take no interest in making sure children of prisoners feel at ease when visiting prison. My daughter is petrified of going to visit her Dad in prison. On the morning of the visit, she doesn't want to get dressed and she is quiet throughout all the journey. I am contemplating not taking her anymore because of the affect this is having on her. I would also like to comment about the people belonging to organisations that say manitaining family ties are paramount. What they need to do is run a poll to see how many families aren't happy with the way The Prison Service handle the visiting procedure where children are concerned. We may see TV documentaries that show the members of the public prison officers who are compassionate, and no doubt some are, but many of us struggle maintaining ties because of the sheer attitude we face when entering prison to visit. Some prison's are disgusting and the officers behaviour makes families feel very intimated and worthless. Prison is designed to destroy families so those who harper on about manitaining family ties are talking through their backsides to put it politely. Thanks for listening.