Probation - By Prisoner Ben

The second group on most prisoner's lists, only just being edged out by prison psychologists is probation.
A recent interview with a probation officer gave me the opportunity to point out some harsh truths:
That the evidence that being supervised by Probation reduces rates of re-offending by Lifers is zero.
That there is no evidence that forcing Lifers to live in probation hostels on release reduces re-offending.
That there is, overall, no evidence to suggest that Probation involvement in Lifer's lives on release has any beneficial effects whatsoever.
In the context of utility and rationality, my view of Probation falls somewhere below my view of astrologers. They are, in respect to Lifers at least, an agency looking for a reason to exist. So far, they have hoodwinked society into believing they are a good thing.

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