Probation Orders - By Mum Of Ex Offender

( Picture of girl not related to story )

Hello PFV. I would like to repeat a thank you too for giving prisoners families the opportunity to share their stories, so a big thank you. Your blog is fabulous!
My daughter got in to trouble a few years ago when she was 18. She is now 21 and is on the straight and narrow. She was on a probation order and what I would like to comment on is how in heaven's name do the Government think that putting some of those youths who have rioted and looted ( in the UK ) on a probation order will actually achieve something, if anything at all?
My daughter was on probation, and no offence to those who do a probation officers job, but it was a utter waste of time for her. She couldn't stand her probation officer and they just did not get on. She only turned up because the courts said she had to. So good luck to the Government if they honestly think that these probation orders will work, because I can't see it in the memory of man!