Probation Service Are One Big Joke - By K

Hi, I read prisoner Ben's post on probation. Secondly, I agree with him. My brother lives with me and he is on probation. At first, he was sent to a probation hostel, until we argued and argues with his probation officer that the hostel was doing him more harm than good. I visited the hostel and what an absolute dump it was too. My brother couldn't sleep at night because of the noise. There were comings and goings and allsorts going on in there. I understand that probation have to make sure that the offenders are being released in to a stable home and environment. But talk about contradicting themselves! Probation do home visits and interview the families to see if their home is suitable, and in the next breath, they are throwing ex offenders in to these drug ridden hostels that you wouldn't put your pets in! I have no problem with my brothers probation officer, he's OK, but The Probation Service has a whole is one big joke!