Release From Prison And Family Problems

By Anonymous Blog Reader

My sister's partner has recently been released from prison after serving a 7 year sentence. What bothers me is that every time I go round and visit, they are often arguing and it appears that prison really has broken up their family bond. According to my sister, major problems have arisen since he's been home because of knock back after knock back when applying for jobs. The Prison Service along with the Government and probation service need to get real when advising prisoners. My sister says that sometimes it gets that bad that she actually wishes he was back in prison. I know she doesn't mean it but there is an atmosphere in the house and their daughter is feeling it. She is only 6 and for 3 and a half years, her Dad has been out of her life. He must feel a stranger to her and whilst having her Mum all to herself and being in that single parent environment for over 3 years, it is about time the Government put some kind of services in to place for those who are affected by imprisonment and lets not forget, affected also by release from prison. Most organisations tend to concentrate on the imprisonment issue. Yes, that is important, but prison release is more important because somehow and in some way, these family ties need to be built on outside the walls as well as inside them. I have supported my sister through this prison sentence and I now take a huge interest in how children and families are affected by it. Thanks too for providing this brilliant service which I found in Inside Time prison newspaper.