Riot Evictions Are Unjust - By Mum Of Four

Stronger Community Sentences Needed

I am pleased Anon ( above link ) has brought up the subject regarding the riots and the consequences involved for those who took place in them. I hope there are politicians reading my words and what I am about to say. Since the riots, everyone has had their two pence and their say, namely MP's and those who have been out of touch with society for years. I am a mother, a decent mother of four children. One of my sons is currently in a young offenders institute. My other three children are upstanding citizens and work full time. If my son was involved in those riots ( which he wasn't because he is in prison ) would it be fair that I loose my home because of his actions? Read what I have just said, I have three other children who work damn hard and have never been in trouble with the law. Neither have I. Another thing too. The Government are targeting social housing. Not everyone who lives in social housing are thugs. There are decent families living in those properties. What happens if a looter has been caught whose parents live in their own houses? Are the mortgage people going to evict them too? Will the building societies evict their customers? Because come on, what's good for one, is good for another! David Cameron is nothing but a silver spoon fed toff who hasn't got a clue about today's society, yet runs the country. Theresa May? She's another one. Maybe she should spend a large amount of her time talking to young offenders and prisoners who think the UK establishments are bloody great! The guy who is locked up with my son purposely gets himself arrested because his parents are good for nothing and he says that he is BETTER OFF in prison. Eric Pickles statement about the masked youths interviewed for Sky News. Mr Pickles claims those youths repeated things from their social workers about the economic climate? Social Workers haven't got the intelligence to discuss those issues with any youths let me tell you! I Live in council property and if I was being evicted for my sons actions, the council and Government would be facing legal action because I would call upon mortgage companies and the lot of them to do the same! I wholly agree with, Anon's, post and fingers crossed my numbers come up on the lottery one day because I would be up and off away from the crumbling UK!