Riots or Social Frustration? by Mary PFV volunteer

The Governments knee jerk reaction to the recent riots is predictably irrational.

Instead of taking the opportunity to address the social injustices which have created the current climate of unrest, they have instead chosen to blame an entire generation, label them as 'sick', 'immoral' 'scum'.

The origin of the riots in Tottenham was because, once again, the police shot a man to death then refused to reveal the details of that shooting. I do agree though that the subsequent 'rioting' in other major cities was mostly an excuse to loot, and those that took part in that have done a great disservice to genuine protestors. Protestors who have a genuine right to publicly voice their anger and disappointment at the treatment of them and their communities.

Cameron's answer to what happened is "The Big Fight Back". touch on crime, longer prison sentences, the ability to shutdown social network sites etc.,. It has also given him the ability to reverse the decision to cut police funding/numbers. How very convenient, cut all types of funding which would enable people to feel they are a part of his "Big Society! but lets keep our police on the streets. Free to stop and search just because of the colour of your skin, free to talk to you like you are scum because of the way you look.

What effect does he think this will have on our already overstretched, mismanaged prison service? Lets face it, with a prison population now in excess of 85,000, locking people up really does work...not!!