Silently Protest - By Prisoner Ben

Some of you take time out of your lives to tell me that prisoners seen as being "Un-mutual" are penalised by the prison system. Tomorrow, you may tell me that water is wet...

For me - and those who share my disposition - this is another reason why the prison system should be challenged. We are here either to be punished or for public protection, and to detain us for being critical is revolting. Yet there are those of you who, via moral acrobatics, blame me for the penalties inflicted upon me by such a rotten system. I must, you say, keep my mouth shut.

This is moral cowardice and intellectual bankruptcy. If those in power abuse their status then each of us must decide whether to bow our heads or stand and speak. To criticise the latter is sickening.

If I'm kept in prison because I am vocal and challenging then our ire should be directed at the institution which so willingly abuses its power.