Son Released From Prison A Druggie

Hi, well my son went in to prison for a minor driving offence and a few fines, and came out a raging junkie addicted to smack. ( Heroin )
He was sharing a cell with a druggie and because my son hated the jail so much, he ended up taking heroin to forget about where he was. No, it is not an excuse for anyone to take drugs, but prison was an horrendous place to be for my son. I know some of your blog readers have written in saying opposite saying that their son's actually don't mind prison. But mine struggled being inside. My boy ended up in jail mainly because of non-payment of fines. Does that make someone a criminal? Careless and not taking responsibilty maybe, but those fines got my son a drug addiction in prison. He's released now and we are trying to find help and support and have a few appointments made over the following weeks. So beware if your child ends up in HMP. Those that work there and run the prisons are so called responsible for your loved ones care - but don't bank on it. The system ruined my son and turned him in to a rattling smack-head.

By Mum of ex prisoner ( UK )