Suffer the Children - by Mary PFV volunteer

The anonymous Mum who contributed the post about Children suffering because of their parents (Click Here to read the full story) is absolutely right when she says "Britain is broken".

How typical of the police and government to jump on the 'where are their parents' bandwagon.  Yes, I agree, we are all responsible for our children but with budgets cuts targeting the poorest in our society just how are we supposed to do that?  The terrible story on Bolton Social Services, experienced by our very own Prizon Widow is just one example of the underlying reasons for all the riots and unrest in the UK over the past few days

No one cares....not at a level that anything can be done about it anyway, our Prison 'Service' is not fit for purpose in many, many cases, the current unrest at Feltham Young Offenders Institute and the damning report about HMP Wandsworth  (click on the highlight link to read it, or better still pop over to jailhouselawyers blog for his take on it) only reinforces my belief that the whole Criminal Justice System in this country needs a total overhaul.  We need an honest open debate on the whole future of our Prisons without it being hi jacked by those who believe that prison is for punishment and nothing else.

Please don't think I am in any way, condoning the actions of the thugs who took over our streets, I am not.  I don't for a minute think that their actions have in any way advanced the cause for an opportunity to vent the frustrations felt by many over the current problems within our society.    In fact, the morons who were involved with the looting, mindless destruction, and burning, of mainly local businesses have played right into this government's they can pass all the laws needed to prevent genuine peaceful protest by those of us who seek change.