Summer Days - by Mary PFV volunteer

Although summer holidays are here, sun shining (lol) it is a sobering thing to read Anon's post regarding our Probation Service. CLICK HERE to read it.

Just brings home to me that despite life going on for us on the 'outside', for those trying to get here it is an all too often futile struggle against a system that seems to be set up for their failure.

I do not have all the answers, who could given the way the 'system' has fallen apart in recent years, but surely common sense alone tells you that stability and continuity has to be the basis for any long term improvement in this vital service. A welcome return to some rational when it comes to dealing with offenders and their reintegration into society. Less box ticking and more emphasis on the individual and their particular circumstances.

Well.....we can hope, more importantly, we can keep making ourselves heard!!