Swept Under The Carpet By The British System

Hi. I found your site through Twitter. My whole life revolved around my partner who has been in and out of prison for most of his life. It was a case of not wanting to give up on him, so that's why I supported him. Beneath his criminal mind, is a good person and I have seen his good side.
His problems started years ago when he bounced from pillar to post in children's homes. Things happened to him in those places that I would rather not discuss. The longest he has been out of prison is two years and he is 45 years old. Some would say that it's all his own fault for not staying on the straight and narrow and I accept what people are saying. But his first home is prison and that balls down to him being purely institutionalised. It's not an excuse, but is it? Me, you and the others that have never experienced imprisonment don't know do we? We have never walked in their shoes. In all the years he has spent behind bars, no prison or so called probation service has addressed his past stemming back to him living in children's homes. It seems the authorities gave up on him and swept his problems under the carpet. But I won't. Think what you may of him, a jailbird etc etc, but he's a human being who has been abused by the British system. He's a product of the system and there are plenty more of them in our British prison's too!

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