UK Government Are Out Of Touch - By Partner Of Prisoner

My partner is in prison. Although he has been in and out of trouble since the age of 14, I myself have never been in trouble with the law. I was laughing out loud when I found out that the general public had issued a petition asking for the Government to stop benefits of those who had been looting in the riots. What do the general public think that this will achieve apart from enticing more crime? As for the Government, well they need to walk in the shoes of a prisoners partner or a family member to understand exactly what prisoners families know. Prison does not deter my partner. Those who have been through the system starting at a young age, will not be remotely bothered about being behind a cell door. Prisoners families - NOT the general public - live with knowing what goes on inside prison, what the regime in prison is and what 'bent' goings on there are. Like it or not, The Prison Service and the Police have bent officers. I am often asked if the Prison system is too soft. My answer is always, yes. In one particular prison which I will not name, prisoners of a weekend are pissed out of their minds on prison Hooch and drugs that are floating around the wings of HMP. It's all very well the courts being opened all through the night to bring the looters to justice, but trust me, it will not be a big deal for many of those caught. The Government are way, way, out of touch and all they are doing is sending the looters ( gang members) to a college ( prison ) to learn more crime and engage with other offenders who have no intention of going straight.