UK Government Have Brought On The Riots! - By Anonymous

Dear PFV. Theresa May is gobbing it off saying that the rioters in London will be brought to justice. Sorry Miss May, but in my area, the likes of Social Services take youths to prison on a 'day out' and having spoken to these youths, they bragged that the prison looked easy. My son is currently in prison and he wrote to me last week saying that he was settling in well and that it isn't that bad at all. He shows no depression on prison visits and he is always cheerful when he rings me from prison. Does Theresa May honestly think that half of the London rioters give a crap about being brought to justice? What a laugh! The UK has never let the general public use their voices and I am sorry but this is the countries back lash and the ********** UK Government deserve it! I don't condone the riots, but the typical British snobbery and the powers that be should have seen it coming!