UK Government Shun Voices - By Nicky

Just a question. How long have the UK Government been shunning the voices of prisoners families regarding children who are affected by parental imprisonment? Conferences are held, meetings are held and forms are given out for people to fill in, yet we receive no feedback whatsoever! The UK riots? Well, I'm not shocked it's happening, although I do not condone it at all. Funding cuts? Those funding cuts give charities and organisations even less of a voice because services become limited. David Cameron? All he can say is that the thugs will be brought to justice! No words from him about any solutions, just a speech stating that the Government will step up the policing. The UK Government give their people absolutely nothing.
Cameron and this Government need to clean up their own back yard before hob nobbing with other countries. If you don't like Cameron and his Conservative crew - vote them out!