What A Day! - By Prisoner Ben

Any day that involves being knocked out and ending up naked with your arse in the air can't be good!

My irritation button was pushed when our Healthcare told me that I was off outside for another biopsy. The nurse called me "Gunn", not Mr Gunn. A small thing, I know, but it gets my goat when NHS staff who work in a prison pick up nasty habits and attitudes from prison staff. They begin to treat us as prisoners rather than patients.

The day only got worse when I arrived in hospital to be told that I was getting a general anaesthetic. It was a surprise, because the prison healthcare had hijacked the letter from the hospital and not bothered to tell me the details.

And in the hospital, I was interested to discover that they called me Mr, even having a form to detail how I prefer to be addressed. I went with Ben, obviously.

NHS staff working in prison take note - we have a whole institution to talk to us as prisoners rather than people. You can feel free to treat us as patients first.