What Lesson Will The UK Rioters Be Taught? - By A

Some rioters in the UK have already been sentenced to prison and rightly so too. But can I just raise an issue about something I have been going through for 6 months. My 22 year old son is in prison. He has another 6 months left until he is released. I would like to know what the Government intend to do with these rioters they have sent to prison and the others who are going? Because since my son has been in prison, all he has learnt is more crime. He thinks his cell mate is his best mate and he has been caught with a mobile phone as well as fighting on the wing.
Maybe his 6 months left will be increased, I don't know, but if David Cameron thinks justice is done for half of the rioters in the UK by sending them to prison, then he is nothing but a bloody joke. These politicians live on a different planet!