Anonymous and Poisonous - By Prisoner Ben

We must give a warm welcome to the recent new commenters who take time out of their lives to parade their bile on the blog. They are slick, plausible even, indulging in clever and sly distortions of the truth.
The funny thing is, the editor and I know the identities of two of the Anons and we know their agenda. This is not your average trolley but a rather clever attempt to undermine me. Their message is that the Prison Service are trying their best to get me out but I keep frustrating them.
They post anonymously solely to disguise the frequency and themes of their comments. Yet I refuse to indulge in comment moderation or insist that commenters register. I work on the assumption that most people have the courage to be identified with their opinions, as I do. Ironically, posing corrosive comments anonymously reveals a huge amount about the moral character of the poster, don't you think?
The basis of their particular brand of poison is to appear to be knowledgable about prison life, spiced up with a few allegations made with such certainty that they appear plausible. This is quality trolling, but it rests on bluff and the hope that others haven't the time to read earlier posts to fact check. I mean, that's clever stuff!
Just two stated facts should suffice to make my point. That I am always engaged in pointless arguments is one. Am I? Alas, my reputation is worse than the reality. The only arguments I'm engaged in are over my move to Open and my research, hardly minor issues.
That I'm refusing to engage in offence-related work is a second asserted fact. Hmmm, as I've been assessed as not requiring such work then this claim is quite bizarre.
I haven't the ability to challenge every claim made in comments, and so I ask a favour of regular readers, when someone pops up and claims I do such-and-such, could you ask them to provide some evidence? That way we nullify their poison and signpost their existence as a dissembler.
A blog is a community and where I lack the ability to police poor behaviour then I invite others to pitch in.
That said, I try to appreciate that there are people who are honestly angry and hurt by crime and who pop up to vent their spleen. Sometimes they are difficult to distinguish from the trolls and their petty spite. Perhaps one way to deal with both is to invite them to read more of the blog, from the start, and hope that they appreciate that whilst their emotions may be simple, the issues that lay behind them are more complicated.