Fun For Prisoners Families? - By Ben Gunn

As all who have ever visited a prison know, the conditions are hugely restrictive and far from conducive to maintaining relationships. This is to put it politely.

But although visits must normally take place within sight and hearing of staff, there is nothing in the rules which forbids the possibility of visits taking place in private.

This situation offers some scope for our long-suffering partners and families to have some fun. They could write to the Governor requesting a private visit. Ideally, they should stress the prison service's commitment - ha! - to resettlement and maintaining family ties whilst stressing their own unblemished character.

The responses from Governors could be highly illuminating - and may lay the basis for a legal challenge. At worst, it would make governors squirm.

Equally interesting would be the response of prison reform groups and family support organisations. Would they support such a campaign,or run away?

This really could be fun! Who's up for it?!

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