I Am Not Prepared For My Husband's Release From Prison

Hi.. My husband is due to be released from prison next month and I am absolutely petrified!
Some families are able to visit their loved ones in prison on a regular basis, but because of my financial situation, I was only able to visit once a month. Because of this, I feel very detached from my husband and feel like I am inviting a stranger in to my house. One of the things I was very disappointed about was the lack of help or advice from his probation officer. He came to visit me at my home last week and I felt lonely, lonely in the term that I was told services were available for my husband, yet not for myself and two kids. It's alright for probation to see my husband once a week for five or ten minutes, but myself and our kids have to live with witnessing how hard resettlement can be for an ex prisoner. My husband has been away for 4 years. Heaven knows what it's like for families whose loved ones have been in prison longer, because I truly feel anxious and worried that our relationship may not be as strong as it was before he went to prison. If anyone has been through what I am going through, could you please get in touch as I would appreciate a bit of support somewhere along the line. Finally I would like to say that you ( PFV ) have a superb blog which i found via the prison newspaper Inside Time.

By Blog Reader & Wife of Prisoner