I Do The Tough Love Thing - By Partner of Ex-Con

Can A Good Woman Change An Ex Con

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I think a good woman can 'alter' an ex convict, but I'm unsure about the phrase, 'change.'
It quite honestly depends on whether the ex offender has spent most of his life in prison etc. It's all about individual circumstances I think. I met my partner as a prison pen-pal. So I did not know him or what he was like in the free world. He told me all about his past and whilst I was writing to him and visiting him, he was adamant his life had to change and maybe because he came to live with me on release in a different area from where he was from, it's quite possible that it made a difference. He went through the system from the age of 16 and is now 32. He has been out of prison now for 2 years which he said is a miracle, so only time will tell I guess. We have a good relationship and yes, I do the tough love thing.