IPP Sentence Is Making Me Sick - By Anonymous

My partner recently got a 7 year IPP sentence and it's making me sick. I feel very ill through stress because we have nothing to head for, ie, a release date. The whole sentence is so difficult to understand and I am finding it hard to explain to my partners parents who are elderly. They keep asking me when he will be released and I can't answer them. Could anyone provide me with a bit of info so that I can try and make a bit of sense of it all please. I just feel so unwell with worry and I am worrying for his parents because they are struggling to come to terms with what he did. I wish people would think about what effect commiting crime has not only on their victims, but on their own families too because it is the families left behind that have to pick up their wreckage and explain to other loved ones what the situation is.

Prisoners Advice Service. Click here for some worthwhile info on IPP and other topics.