Lost and Found - By Prisoner Ben

Like any sensible con, I packed my emergency bag before I got myself nicked and slung in chokey for a week. Having handed it to staff, it promptly vanished.

I've spent every day since hassling for it to be found. Amongst other things, the bag contained my mini-disc player and my blog notebook - full of ideas for posts yet to be born. I was bereft of Leonard Cohen and Queen's Greatest Hits.

Today my bag was found, just a few feet away, in the office where it had been all along! The Senior Officer who found it made a joke about my writing this up on the blog in a manner that may suggest ineptitude on their part...

I'd have been in a better position to do so if, half an hour later, I hadn't needed to hit my cell call-bell and shamefacedly confess "I've forgotten to pick up my dinner, Guv..