My 12 Year Old Daughter Is Depressed - By PFV Reader

Hi Prisoners Families Voices. I found your site through a Google search. My husband has just received quite a long prison sentence. Our daughter who is 12 is very much affected by this. She has stopped playing out with her friends because her Dad's conviction was recently in our local newspaper. As we live in a small community, everyone knows what happened. I am worried to death about her because her appetite has gone downhill also. I am desperate for some support.
All she is doing is cutting herself off from everyone and spending hours upon hours in her bedroom. I have suggested we go shopping so I can treat her etc, but she is simply not interested in anything at the moment.

Comment: PFV recommends to any families who are experiencing similar problems, to contact:
Action For Prisoners Families HERE so that they can receive a list of support groups in their area.