My Cousin Was A London Looter - By Anon

Hi. My cousin was prosecuted for looting during the London riots. He had never had a criminal record before. I asked him why he did it and he couldn't even answer. He didn't smash windows or boot doors in etc, but he was guilty of looting a few items. He never belonged to a gang and worked full time in a decent job yet got himself caught up with temptation and that's exactly what it was - temptation and going along with the others who helped themselves. I will never condone it because the whole rioting thing was wrong and ludicrous. It affected lots of hard working people and destroyed some peoples life's. My cousin is ashamed of his actions and regrets it deeply. Without going in to the whole story, which I would rather not, a small group of guys spat at him the other day whilst he walked to the shop. They called him scum for what he did. Don't get me wrong, our whole family let him know what we thought, but these guys were vulgar with what they were saying. Just one question for your readers - if you found a £20.00 note on the floor, would you hand it in to the police or keep it? Temptation?