My Thanks and Apologies - By Prisoner Ben

Six thousand pounds and three year's work; my PhD research had now ended. It was not a peaceful, dignified passing.

Of course, this isn't an official announcement, it isn't as if management have overtly ordered this outcome. Rather, it resulted from ineptitude and neglect. In desperation, in July I demanded to see the Governor. With vital notes trapped on floppy disk and the Education Department refusing to talk to me, only the Governor could break the deadlock.

In the event, his Deputy arrived and we discussed the situation. He left, promising to discuss my predicament with the Governor and report back. A month has passed and he never re-appeared. That leaves it too late for me to meet my academic deadline. My research is dead.

In my post last year I attempted to explain why my PhD was so important to me. That all remains true. All I know today is that the Prison Service has destroyed a potential career or way for me to make some contribution to life, and research which could have led to a reduction in the level of violent conflict within prisons.

I put in my best efforts, despite every obstruction and problem put my way. My University and research supervisor have been beyond the call of duty. And money - including yours - supported me financially. These efforts are now reduced to ashes by the ineptitude of Erlestoke governors.

The best that can be salvaged is that I restart from the beginning, but that requires my finding a philanthropist with £1,400 to invest against my future potential.

I do apologise. Failing in my studies is not natural for me, especially when my efforts are supported by the generosity of others. If the situation changes, I shall keep you all informed.

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