The Prison Service Humiliate Prisoners Families

Hi Prisoners Families Voices. I found your site through the Inside Time prison newspaper.
My partner is in prison at the moment and last week, I took his mother to visit him because she was too upset and scared to go in the past. It was the worst visit ever because she couldn't hug him. The visit table was wide so it feels like there is a huge distance between us. We could only have a little hug at the end of the visit. Why do the Prison Service do this to us? Why are they intent on punishing the families when we are innocent human beings who should be entitled to give our loved ones a hug? My partners mother cried so hard that she upset my partner and now his mother doesn't want to go again! Families of prisoners are treated in the most appalling manner. I agree that there is no such thing as families and prisoners maintaining ties because the Prison Service have no intentions of letting it happen.

By Upset Partner Of Prisoner