Prison Visit Privacy Please - By Anonymous

If I was suffering bereavement, going through an anxious time concerning health problems, or any other emotional disaster, then the last thing I would want to do is sit in a packed out visitors room discussing it with my partner in earshot of screws and other families! Prison visits are the only form of contact with our loved ones in prison. Visits are emotional anyway, so to sit there discussing a tragedy in that environment is a total disgrace in my opinion. I have heard that some prisons offer a private rooms if requested. But I would like to know how long this request takes and how fast it can be organised by the prison? If anyone has experience of this, could you please let me know because I am due to have treatment on my cervix next month and I will not discuss this in front of any screw or other family member visiting their loved one on the next table! My personal business is my personal business and I wouldn't discuss it in front of strangers in the school yard, so I want to request a private visit. Treatment on my cervix is to find out whether or not I am in the early stages of cervical cancer, so the first thing I want from my partner is a hug. That's all I am asking for! Thanks in advance. x