Prison Visits Are Like Zoo's - By Kate

Hi to all at PFV. I have a major problem with prison visiting. I read on your blog last week about people complaining about the lack of privacy during prison visits. My other half has been in prison now for just over 18 months. During one particular visit, I was suffering from bereavement. Tables and chairs in the visits area are so close together, I was stared at by others as I blubbered my way through the visit. My other half couldn't console me because every time he reached for my hand, a prison officer would make his way round patrolling. He couldn't even give me a hug until the very end of the visit. I have heard some people say that you can write to the governor of the prison to ask for a private room. That's all well and good, but a friend of mine did this and it took the governor a few weeks to respond to her request. By that time, she had undergone her operation and the only contact she and her husband had were telephone calls. I'm not one of those 'woe is me' people. My other half deserves to be in prison, but I don't deserve to be treated like a prisoner too. Families who are going through an emotional time in their lifes need privacy sometimes on a visit. It's like being in a zoo because once your emotions start to flow, all eyes are on you on the visit. It's simply not fair and prisoners families sometimes need their dignity and need to be able to express their emotions in privacy.