Prisoners Are Unable To Console Their Loved Ones - By Tess

I have been reading some of the posts on your blog about prison visiting and how degrading they can be. I thought that being sent to prison was punishment? I accept that people are sent to prison to be taken off the streets etc. But for families like myself, I can only visit my partner once every 6 weeks because of the cost. I look forward to seeing him, but I don't if that makes any sense. The reason why is, that I am scowled at by prison officers and I feel like I am treated like a convict. But just like those scowling prison officers who are law abiding citizens - can I just remind them that I am one too. I walk in to the prison an innocent person, therefore it really is about time they treated me like one. I was interested to read about the lack of privacy on visits.
If a family is going through bereavement or anything else traumatic in their life's, then privacy should be offered. Chaplains are available inside for prisoners who need support. Who the hell is available for the families when they take an emotional visit in front of all and sundry? Who comes out and offers support for the prisoner and their family member who is going through bereavement on their visit? Life goes on outside the prison walls for families and when life goes on, so does its problems and tragedies unfortunately. I agree with the poster on your blog when she says that visits are our only form of face to face contact with loved ones inside. But I have witnessed families being treated like shit by the prison. I have also seen elderly relatives break down in the visit room and that is hard to see especially when the prisoner is sat there on his chair powerless to do anything about it. And in many cases, unable to hug and console his/her loved one who is distressed. The whole visit situation is diabolical.