Prisoners Families And The Bigger Picture

Dear PFV. My partner is now home but I still read the prison newspaper Inside Time which is where I found the link to your site. My partner served quite a lengthy sentence and during his sentence, I met someone else. The relationship didn't work because I still loved my partner. My partner inside knew about my relationship on the out and it was he who told me not to hold back and to live my life because it wasn't fair that I wait for him. He said he didn't hold anything against me and that all was 'forgiven.' That turned out to be a different story once he was released. I know many a woman who has tried to move on, but ended up back with their partners on release from prison, so my story isn't unusual. However, now he is back home, he throws this back in my face and the situation is very very stressful. Like I said, this situation isn't unusual and families in the same boat as myself should be offered some counselling for prison release and relationships. We are always told to try our best to maintain ties, but those who say it need to realise that this family ties business is a much bigger scope than they think.

From PFV Blog Reader ( via email )