Prisoners Families Are Violated By Prison Service

fun for prisoners families by Ben Gunn

I loved Ben Gunn's post. ( above link and post below ) A few months ago, I had a large ovarian cyst removed. I have only just become well enough to visit my partner in prison. What upset me was, was that our visit table was closely situated next to other visitors and to make matters a whole lot worse, our table was near the prison officers desk. My partner had been worried out of his mind about my operation because beforehand, I had checks for ovarian cancer. I felt like I couldn't express my feelings to my partner, tell him all about my 'ladies' operation, and about the fact that it may be difficult for me to conceive and have children. I was upset on the visit and not one prison officer came over to ask if I was OK. The other families were staring at me and I left the visit deflated and highly emotional. Why should family members of prisoners have to put up with this shit? We have our human rights just like prisoners do, but yet I felt totally violated that I couldn't discuss personal matters regarding my health in private. The Prison Service are supposed to be all for maintaining family ties? Yeah right they are! As for the campaigners for prisoners families? What campaigning? Enough said! Prisoners families are violated by the system and I won't have it that we are not!

By Angry Anonymous Partner Of Prisoner