Putting Flowers On The Prisoners Families Situation

Hi PFV. I have emailed you many times before on the subject - prisoners families maintaining ties. Again, I would like to say that those who use that term are talking an absolute load of rubbish! Prison is designed to seperate families and it will always be designed that way. The Prison Service transfer some prisoners miles and miles away from home so that their family members cannot visit on a regular basis because of the distance and finances. Visitors centres? The charities plug these places which is fair enough, but they solve nothing. They are places with a roof that sell refreshments at the end of the day and that's that. Families still have to leave and travel miles back home answering questions by their distressed children etc. I don't buy the family ties rubbish and never have. Visitors centres and the rest of it are there to merely put flowers on the whole situation! Sorry, but that's my two pence!

By Sharon