Samaritans prison listeners service threatened by public sector cuts

Scheme introduced to prevent jail suicides celebrates 20th anniversary, but some fear it will soon be under threat.
Raj thinks he has "probably saved about four lives". Taylor isn't sure but has certainly seen rewards in helping some deeply distressed people as well as having the chance to think about his own mistakes.
Both men are serving prison sentences at HMP Swansea for violent crimes and both are utterly convinced that their lives will be very different when they are released. They are among some 1,540 prisoners in British jails who are running the most extensive rehabilitation scheme in the criminal justice system, as prison listeners. They go into cells for face-to-face sessions with fellow prisoners and reassure new inmates, talking them through their first few days inside, a real danger time for those in despair at long sentences or fearful at the reality of being inside the tough environment of a prison.

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