Summers over - by Mary PFV volunteer

Well, here we are, summer holidays over and a chance to 'get back to normal'. After the events of the past few weeks what is considered 'normal' these days?

MP's continuing to be exposed for defrauding us, sentenced to laughable terms in soft open prisons, decrying the loss of one's Rolex!!. Cuts in vital community services, which affect only those in the direst of needs, let's face it, we do live in a 'Them & Us' society. The farce of the sentences imposed on those stupid enough to get involved in the free for all looting which was the ugly side of what started as a genuine peaceful protest over the refusal by the police to explain truthfully, the events leading up to the shooting dead, again, of an unarmed man.

Oh yes!! I almost forgot!! Plans to allow cameras into the courtroom to put a face to the 'Ferrel Rat' elements in our society. I thought we already had great examples of just that, it's called The House of Commons. It also brings to mind the fat cats resplendent in their velvet and ermine robes in The House of Lords. What hope for this Country now that Cameron will be allowed to pass all sorts of draconian laws to 'repair' our 'broken Britain'?