You Can Look At A Prisoner But You Can't Touch

It makes me furious when I read about prisoners families getting a rough deal from the prison service. In some prison's, they bring out the inmate, sit them at a table, and you aren't allowed to hold their hand or give them a hug! That kind of treatment is worse than a closed visit because it is as though the prison service are really taking the pi*s by parading them in the fresh in front of you but you can't go anywhere near them! As far as I am concerned, families human rights are being breached. Is there anything in the British law book that states that families cannot 'touch' a prisoner? Those that use the phrase, ' maintaining family ties' can stick it where the sun doesn't shine because there it doesn't exist. All the prison service does is talk the talk - pretty much like our Government, so families of prisoners, I wouldn't hold your breath if I was you because change is something the UK are absolutely sh*t scared of!

By Lucy Lu