Having A Baby Whilst Partner Is In Prison

Hi everyone. I found your site through google and would like to share my story. Please can you keep my identity anonymous. Thanks. I have recently given birth to a baby girl and my boyfriend is in prison. I am getting lots of support from my health visitor and midwife's because I feel very depressed. My boyfriend wants me to take his daughter to the prison to see him, but I don't want to and he keeps ringing me. I am not ready to take her on a prison visit and I don't feel up to it myself at all. I am wondering if your site can put me in touch with any young mum's who might be in the same situation as me. It is very hard to explain to my boyfriend that I am feeling unwell at the moment. I also feel very scared taking my baby daughter on a prison visit.

Comment: PFV have given the reader a number of useful contacts. We wish her well.