He Lied About Probation - By Kelly

Dear PFV. What a fool I feel! I was in a relationship with someone in prison, as I used to write to him, and we carried on our relationship when he was released from prison. He said to me that he wanted to change his ways because for most of his life, he has been in and out of prison. What I didn't know and what he failed to tell me was that he was a drug addict. I know nothing about drugs at all. Anyway, I tried to support him and made sure he didn't forget about his probation appointments etc and as far as I knew, he was attending them. Imagine my horror when two policemen came hammering on my door and arrested him in my front room because he hadn't been attending probation at all and had breached his licence conditions! I was at work and I trusted him! I couldn't keep tabs on him all the time and I feel he has totally abused my trust and my home to be quite frank! I feel such a fool and want to warn other pen pals, because some quite obviously don't have the right intentions. You have a wonderful blog by the way and I have been reading it for quite some time now.