Hiding The Truth About Imprisonment - By G

( Via PFV Facebook Message )

I thought I'd done the right thing by telling my 5 year old son that his Dad was working away. I didn't want to tell him that he was in prison. But my decision has back-fired as he found out the truth from the school playground. My partners conviction was printed in our local newspaper, so I guess I was a fool to think that I could hide it from my son. But I never expected it to come from school. It goes to show how children quite obviously listen to their parents conversations because my son and his pals are all 5 years old and 5 year old's I doubt are interested in reading newspapers! I have read a few stories online about parents worrying whether they should tell their children the truth about imprisonment. Well I thought I was doing the right thing by hiding it and protecting my son. It's a personal decision for people in this situation, but I would just like to warn others that the truth can quite easily slip out from unlikely sources. It's a crap situation to be in that's for sure, but all I wanted to do was to protect my young son from bullies and being discriminated because his dad is in prison. Sometimes we cannot do right for doing wrong!