Meeting Michael Spurr - By Prisoner Ben Gunn

The mystery visitor had to be important. It isn't any old joe who would provoke the staff to dust off the hoover and blitz their office.
It turned out to be the Director General, Michael Spurr, in the company of our number one Governor. Having spoken to the staff and a couple of guys on punishment, on their way they popped in to the servery to meet me and my number two.
The DG made some crack about my being the Ben Gunn who has his office bombarded with emails. At least we now know that your efforts are not going unnoticed; thank you!
During our brief chat I mentioned my newly certain Cat D status and pointed out how quickly he or the Governor could find me a bed in an open which point the Governor shuffled the DG away. Humph!
If you came face to face with the Director General of the Prison Service, what would you say?

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