Parental Imprisonment & Drug Taking - By J

Hi. This is for the mother who wrote in about having problems with her teenage son. My son's father is also in prison and I have been through hell. My son started drinking heavily at 16 and smoking weed, then went on to taking cocaine. His father was convicted of a very nasty offence which affected my son badly. He got stick from his so called pals and he was shunned from his group at school. The only option for me was to bring in my family for support. It was either that or throwing him out on the street and believe me, I don't say that lightly because he is my son when all said and done. Teenagers at the best of times think they know everything, and if it wasn't for his uncle, my brother, I don't know what I would have done. Some people however do not have family support, especially when they cannot accept their loved one is in prison etc etc.
So I would like to say to everyone who feels alone dealing with a teenager who is affected by parental imprisonment, you are certainly not on your own. Ask for help and support, if your family refuse then ask your friends or seek help from your doctor who may have contact numbers of agencies who can offer some help. More support is needed for families going through this!