Prison Destroys Relationships - By Jo

I'm not sure which dimwit said, that maintaining family ties with those in prison benefits us all? It's the biggest load of tripe I've heard! My partner came out prison last month after serving a lengthy sentence. I visited him for 4 years as regular as clockwork and the whole prison journey was draining. But I was intent on saving our relationship. I thought we were going strong - until he was released. He has been home a month and has hardly spoken a word. He sits and watches TV all day and seems to be in a world of his own. Is this normal? I knew that it would take time for him to settle back in at home, but I wasn't expecting this at all. It is as though he is a stranger and I don't like it to be quite honest. I really don't like it at all and I am wondering whether he will snap out of this mood soon. Sorry to go on, but I feel robbed. I tried to maintain ties by spending money I didn't really have on visits etc, only to be faced with another journey on release from prison. Does this HMP roller-coaster ever end?