Prison Visit When You Are Ready - By Pam

Hi. I am writing in to let one of your readers know that she is not alone. I too gave birth whilst my partner was serving time in prison. It was hard and very emotional. As well as that, I felt angry he wasn't with me, so I had lots of emotions riding through my mind. I wasn't sure at that time whether or not I wanted to stay in a relationship with my partner, but I wanted to do something so that when my child was older, he could understand why his dad wasn't around. I made a keepsake for him and I also wrote a diary. I too didn't want to visit with my baby, so until I felt confident enough to go, I didn't worry too much about it, as I was staying in touch through letters and telephone, sending him photo's of the baby. He did understand why I wasn't ready to visit because I had a difficult birth. Strangely enough, because we stayed in touch through letters and phone calls, our relationship grew stronger. My baby was 3 months old when I first took him to see his dad in prison. To be truthful, it was emotional and lets face it, prison's are no places for children and I felt bad for taking him. But my partner needed to see his child. The situation isn't the child's fault and he was young enough not to remember anything. My son was nearly 4 when my partner was released from prison. It was a long journey and I know there are many other ladies out there who's journeys are longer. All you can do is maintain as much contact as possible because that's all you can do.