Probation Are A Load Of ****

OK, this is my story. My partner works shifts - 6.00am - 2.00pm and 2.00pm - 10.00pm. He has never missed an appointment with probation, nor has he been late - until last week when he totally forgot to inform his probation officer that he was doing some over time and was working a 12 hour shift. His job is a 13 week trial, so he needs to prove himself to the company in order for them to employ him permanently. The other day, he received a real nasty letter from his probation officer stating that he needed to prove why he didn't turn up for his appointment. Now this is the best part of it. It was from his probation officer, the same probation officer who he has only actually met once because every time he attends probation, she's either on leave or in a meeting! So today, he handed over his wage slips to a 'trainee' probation officer, or whatever their 'name' is, because again, his probation officer was in a meeting. It really takes the pis*. He gets letters off his probation officer, yet doesn't see her? What sort of 'service' are probation providing apart from a shi* one? It would be like receiving letters from your doctor and getting palmed off with some locum doctor every time you went to the surgery. Sorry, but it's not acceptable. How can ex offenders form these so called relationships with their probation officers when they never bloody see them? Scrap the service altogether and put something else in its place if you ask me!

From H ( Via Facebook message )