Probation Service Just Exists - By Joanna

I read the post yesterday about probation. To say I am confused with their service is an understatement. My partner has been out of prison now for 18 months. He is on a MAPPA licence. For 18 months now, my partner has seen 6 different probation officers. I think this is a shambles and I also think that by swapping and changing offenders probation officers, The Probation Service are most definitely setting them up to fail. It suits some ex offenders to sign in at probation and spend less than 5 minutes there on their appointments. But my partner actually needs this service. His original probation officer ( who he got on with real well ) moved to another probation office out of town. Then he got another, and another, and another and another. Last week, I got a call from probation asking me where he was, but the traffic was horrendous, and then when he got there, he hadn't the foggiest who the probation officer was! I agree with the other post on your blog. The service is a load of rubbish. It is a tick-box service that is just there for the convenience of showing the general public that they exist.