World's First Superbus

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You might be waiting a while for one of these to pull up at the local bus stop. This is the world’s first super bus, crafted with state-of-the-art materials which seats 23 passengers and had a top speed of 155mph. Developed in Holland by an astronaut and a former Formula One aerodynamics expert, the midnight-blue, electric-powered vehicle costs $9.4million and was flown to the United Arab Emirates where it will be used by a sheikh. The hi-tech bus means he will be able to complete the 75-mile commute from Dubai to neighboring Abu Dhabi in under 30 minutes. Made of lightweight materials including aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass and polycarbonate, it is 49ft long, 8ft wide and 5ft 5in high. Passengers will be able to enjoy comfort equal to that of a luxury limousine or private jet. The super bus has eight gullwing-style doors on each side to allow for a swift exit.